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The Background

Following our success in London, we are thrilled to be working with our Africa Foundation (USA) colleagues to develop the concept in New York, raising further crucial funding for our beneficiaries, in this, our 20th Anniversary year.

Tara and Jessica Getty
Co-Founders, Art for Africa™

Front window

We are fortunate to have a home in an area of great natural beauty in the wilderness of South Africa's KwaZulu Natal. Working for some 20 years towards restoring and conserving this and other wilderness areas of Africa, we involve the surrounding communities, whose well-being is key to the future of these areas. However, the communities are home to a vast number of children left parentless or vulnerable through the scourge of HIV, AIDS and other diseases.

We are passionate about Africa Foundation, whose successful, sustainable programs help alleviate the plight of these children and their extended families. With our support through primary healthcare and education to adulthood, real opportunities become available to them. By identifying, empowering and working with the 'local champions' in these impoverished rural communities, we are opening up a real future for our young beneficiaries.

Art for Africa™ was born when we and our fellow trustees of Africa Foundation UK, teamed up with our friend and artist, Beezy Bailey to develop our first special auction of the best of British and South African contemporary art.

We are awed by the generosity of our sponsors and the individuals who have given so generously in every way to create this exciting event. We hope you enjoy this website and we look forward to seeing you at the auction

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