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Hasan and Hasain Essop

Lot number: 35

Details: Slave Lodge I and II (Diptych)

Silent Auction 2010

1 of an Edition of 5

26.4 x 40.2 in (67 x 102 cm) each

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

$5,000 Provenance:

Donated by the artists and Goodman Gallery, South Africa

Artist biography:

Born: 1985, Cape Town, South Africa

Born and raised in Cape Town, the twins Hasan and Hasain Essop graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2007. During 2009, they completed a residency in Cuba - culminating with the inclusion of their work at the Havana Biennale, and conducted a workshop for the University of Hamburg in Germany. Hasan and Hasain's work deals with notions of performance, representation, and the tension between self and other. Their preoccupation is the role of the individual in society, in particular, the space that Muslim youth occuppies and negotiates in a secular environment. In Islam, the use of the figure, including the eyes, is controversial and the artists are careful about limiting this representation to their own bodies and assuming responsibility for it. They are not interested in making objective statements. The questions they ask are personal and intimate, and they use themselves as subjects as they pose these questions and seek the answers to them. 'We also speak of the split personality within ourselves. That's why our previous work was made up of so many characters all wearing different costumes representing the different facets of one's self.'

Their work has appeared in several group shows, including 'Integration and Resistance' in the Global Age at the Havana Biennale, ABSA L'Atelier in Johannesburg and 'Power Play' at Goodman Gallery Cape, as well as various private and public collections, including the Durban Art Gallery and the South African National Gallery.

Hasan and Hasain Essops' work is represented by Goodman Gallery, South Africa. 

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